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Mattress Care Guide

 Mattress Care Guide


  • Do air your bed before dressing it with bedding, as moisture may be trapped in the polythene wrappings. Once in use, air your bed every morning by folding back the bedding.

The average person loses as much as half a pint of moisture every night, more during hot weather. This is why letting your bed breathe is so important.

  • Do use an absorbent mattress protector to help prevent accidental soiling. This also helps safeguard your product guarantee!
  • Do dispose of packaging with care. Keep the environment safe and clean.
  • Do check the bed’s legs are secure at least once in three months.
  • Do turn your mattress head to toe and side to side once a week in the first three months and every three months thereafter.



  • Don’t use chemical cleaners or detergents as these can damage the fabric. Accidental scuffs or soiling can be treated with a damp sponge and a weak solution of soap and water.
  • Don’t roll or bend your mattress as this can permanently damage the springs.
  • Don’t use an old or unsuitable base when buying a mattress only. This can also invalidate your product guarantee.


Failure to follow the above instructions may invalidate your Slumberland mattress guarantee.